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Monday, September 26, 2011

Insurance Auto Auctions Webinar – Video Surveillance Analytics

by VideoIQ

Insurance Auto Auctions’ (IAA), one of the leading North American salvage auto auctions, was suffering from ongoing theft, costing them thousands of dollars every month at each of their many locations. Even after deploying a guard force to combat the ongoing theft, IAA was still continuing to suffer significant loss – until they decided to deploy VideoIQ.

Join VideoIQ and Insurance Auto Auctions on September 29th at 2:00 pm ET to hear how IAA was able to dramatically reduce both security costs and losses by deploying VideoIQ’s all-in-one intelligent video surveillance solution combined with a remote guarding service provider. At many sites, VideoIQ was able to replace IAA’s guard service while enhancing overall security. Learn how VideoIQ’s award winning video analytics, distributed (edge) storage and vms can help protect your site all of the time, making theft and vandalism a thing of the past.

Register: Reducing Theft and Vandalism: Insurance Auto Auctions and VideoIQ

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