White Papers

ROI Report - Video Analytics as a Cost Saving Prevention Solution

When hunting for the right security solution, price tags often deter consumers from making the right decision. This comprehensive report takes potential real-world deployments and breaks down the costs and return on investment associated with implementing a video analytic solution. Discover how installing analytics at your site can save you time and money.

How Video Analytics is changing the world of security

What are the underlying principles of security and safety? Why is video surveillance the fast growing segment in the security market? Video analytics is a revolution that has just begun. Preventing crime empowers people and sites with an unobtrusive, automated and responsive solution – around the clock. Discover why intelligent video analytics is the key to preventing bad things from happening.

10 tips for success with video analytics

The best place to discover the power of video analytics today is where you can save money and improve your security protection at the same time. There are many variable to consider like setting clear goals, understand the application, detect accurately, choose the right cameras, lighting and transmission quality, field of view, recording and streaming options – all in a fully integrated solution. We have done our homework and have lots of insight to share when thinking about designing a prevention solution for the future.

Video analytics calibration demystified

The generally accepted meaning of calibration in the video analytics market focuses on defining the height and size of a human in the specific field of view of an individual camera, through a manual process. A new alternative, adaptive analytics improves accuracy and reduces installation costs by automatically calibrating and uniquely identifying people, vehicles and boats. Learn precisely how this is done.